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62045 17" Poly Brush

62045 17" Poly Brush62045 17" Poly Brush
62043 17" Poly Brush 62043
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62045 17" Poly Brush62045 17" Poly Brush
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Product Description

62045 17" Sanitaire Poly Brush


Used for general scrubbing of most hard surfaces. A low cost alternative to Nylon in situations that call for less frequent use. 


Sanitaire Brush Application Guide

Product / Application Grit Brush Nylon Brush Poly Brush  Polish Brush
Unsealed Concrete x      
Sealed Concrete x      
Terrazo x      
General Scrubbing        
Heavily Soiled Concret x   x  
Moderate/Lightly Soiled Concrete     x  
Vinyl Tile   x x  
Terrazo   x x  
Ceramic Tile   x x  
Linoleum   x x  
Marble   x    
Raised Disc Rubber Tile   x    
Non Slip Epoxy     x  
Carpet Scrubbing   x    
Hard Surface Polishing        
Raised Disc Tile     x  
Marble     x  
Linoleum/Vinyl Tyle     x  

Clutch Plate - Attached to pad driver or brush. Allows pad driver or brush to be attached to floor machine. Acts as locking mechanism. Sanitaire floor machines utilize the universal NP9200 clutch plate.

Pad Driver - Locks on to floor machine utilizing appropriate clutch plate. Holds various polishing pads in place during operation. Pad drivers are sized 1 inch smaller than machine diameter. 

Sandpaper Driver - Locks on to floor machine utilizing appropriate clutch plate. Used to sand surfaces prior to refinishing. 

Shower Feed - Allows water or chemicals to flow through the brush and on to the surface being cleaned. Shower feed holes are available on Sanitaire pad drivers and brushes 13 inches in size and larger .

- Locks on to floor machine utilizing appropriate clutch plate. Used for a wide range of cleaning situations, such as: stripping, polishing, scrubbing heavily soiled concrete floors, marble, terrazzo, stone and non slip epoxy finishes. Nylon brushes are also used for carpet cleaning. Brushes are more costly but provide superior life.

Brushes are sized 2 inches smaller than machine diameter due to the flare of brush fibers. 

The sizes on Sanitaire brushes are machine size. For example: if you have a 17inch floor machine, you need a brush size that is marked 17 inches. A brush that is marked 17 inches is already 2 inches smaller than the 17 inch floor machine. 

Break-in Procedure – Many brushes require a break-in period.

1.     Mount the brush on the floor machine.

2.     Find a rough textured floor surface such as concrete.

3.     Operate the machine on this surface dry for about 15 minutes. This will help set the brush bristles prior to actual use.

4.     Thoroughly rinse the brush after the break-in procedure.

Storage - Remove the brush after use. Hang up to extend life. Clean and rinse brushes thoroughly after each use, especially when chemicals and strippers are used.

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